Victoria Peral





My name is Victoria and I was born in the spring of 1992 in Barcelona.
I don’t remember when I was started to draw because every memory I have of myself is with a green pencil.
I love travel, my city, cats, watercolors and snow. The most inspiration I have it is the nature, the colors, textures… I love draw the house objecs like kitchen stuff or the plants in the balcony.

I finished my illustration studies in 2015 at L’Escola Massana in Barcelona.
In 2017 I began studying at l’Escola Llotja interactive graphic in Barcelona.

In 2016, I started my own project at the Etsy store, La Pera Verde «The green pear» doing applied illustrations on jewelry and objects. Also in December of the same year I participated in my first handmade market since then I continue working on the project La Pera Verde



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